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affect community farm

Alternative Fairbanks Farm and Educational and Cooperative Training Program


The AFFECT Community Farm Project mission is to:

  • Increase low-income Fairbanks residents’ access to locally-grown food and agricultural workforce development opportunities in local large- and small-scale agriculture.

  • Improve resilience and access to innovative methods of food production and assist, train, and direct FNSB residents to pursue their own sustainable farming enterprises.

Farmer Input

Are you a farmer? Or know a farmer who wants to share input? Fill out our survey about agricultural labor here in Alaska!

farmer training program

We successfully launched our first year of the Farmer Training Program this summer and will begin our third year of the program in May 2024!

This is a flexible, tuition-free farmer training program.

One class per week and one farm visit per week. 

Click the link below to learn more and apply for this summer!


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