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the AFFECT Farm

Growing produce year-round.


Partnering with Yukon Farms, with owner Dr. Will Hutto.

Farm is currently under construction.

We are in the process of confirming the building that will be used to build the farm. Focusing in the South Cushman neighborhood, a USDA-designated food desert, the indoor hydroponic farm will act as the main AFFECT hub. However, we are partnering will local organizations and local gardeners and farmers to host AFFECT job training participants.

WAYS YOU CAN get involved!

Job Training

Training courses to learn the skills you need to work in the agricultural sector. Both hydroponic and conventional farming methods.


Take a community class.

Recommend a class topic.

Have a skill to share? Host a community class!


Once the farm is up and running, we will be accepting volunteers to harvest produce and upkeep general maintenance. 

Currently, we are not accepting volunteers. 



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